26 August 2009 @ 09:41 am
Course enrollments.  
I love staring out of my window and realizing how blue and clear the sky is.

So at the moment, I'm slowly enrolling/switching courses. Ryerson University, course intention days are always the worse. Not sure if I can say that second year is worse than first year at enrolling, but why the heck are second years placed at the end of the dates? First > Fourth > Third > Second.

For the first year, the enrollment period was at 4am. This time, 8am. But after when all of the classes are filled because third years and first years all got to it. The main thing that's an issue at the moment is the ACC100 course. Sources say that the professor, C. Dyson, is better. Or if you want to survive Accounting. And trust me, I do want to survive it & live.

Plus, laying on my dad's side of the bed is no fun at all. Especially since it's a board. He sleeps on a wooden board I don't know why, but I find it somewhat uncomfortable sometimes. But yeah, I was laying stomach down, so not a good feeling. Especially since I'm already flat-chested, I don't think I want it to literally come true. Haha. [:

Maybe by third year, I could get some loopholes past all these server 503 errors, or lags. Sighs.
When will I ever be able to switch my course?!
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