16 July 2009 @ 07:04 pm
Harry Potter & love?  
So yes, saw Harry Potter. I didn't hate it nor did I love it. I just liked some parts. But one thing that I didn't like was they did not have the main fight scene, which was so disappointing! (white font, so if you want to be spoiled, highlight it.) That was the main thing I didn't like. :/

Anyways, I dislike how I thought about love. I kept trying to forget it. I mean, to fall for someone, crushing on someone. It sucks cause I fail at this. Me and love don't really mix. It just doesn't work at all. It's always better as friends. I tend to treat them better when we're friends, which sucks. Ugh.

My eyes are concentrated on you with undivided attention,
yet all you focus on is her.

Anyways, dinner!
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12 July 2009 @ 02:38 pm
Share share!  
2 things to share today.

1. 2-3 Dreamwidth Codes.

I have 2-3 Dreamwidth Codes to share, if you want one, leave a comment! [: It's an opportunity for me to see who reads my entries. And also for you guys to get a dreamwidth account. Spiffy site. But yes, I have two on [personal profile] kayimi and one on [personal profile] calcium! Leave a comment now! [:

2. Win a Domain! That's where the business is at! I've entered for a chance to win, hopefully I can get a domain. [: It can also assist me for this year in University! Cause I have also the course of making websites, so a domain would be nice to easily access a portfolio of the sort.

Anyways, good luck! [:
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05 July 2009 @ 10:26 pm
64 days of summer, 29 days of moving. LEFT  
So yeah, life has suck for the most part, wait, everything.

I have to manage to find or cough out 5-6 grand for the rest of the rent for downtown of second year. That depends on the situation of OSAP and RESP for the moment. It's a bit everywhere. No job cause of my lack of experience in anything. And also stuck between moving soon and not moving. If I get a job uptown, it'll be a hassle to commute. If I get a job downtown, it'll have to be during August or something, so part-time and during university. Either way, I'll be really really busy this whole year.

The financial issues have manage to get to me mentally. I've sorta had a small mental breakdown a few days ago. The day after, I've also had my dad yell at me regarding Facebook. Yeah, Facebook pictures of his relatives, his side of the family. I mean I didn't mean to hide it from him but he just started yelling and then it lead to me just no appetite, 24 hours of not eating (including sleep), yeah. I have yet to tell him that his sister is getting divorced too. I do believe that'll cause another yelling for why we didn't tell him earlier.. like 1-2 years earlier when we received the news about it in Hong Kong.

I hope it all gets resolved soon.. I don't work well with stress... :/
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